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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Hola everyone,
We started working a week ago in a part of our area that we hadn't known of before. It is like an hour on bike from the house, which seems a lot longer in 100 degree weather. It is a new colony that got started about a year or two ago and all the people out there have little huts. They find wood and then use it to make their house. Usually the houses are 12 foot by 12 foot. pretty small. It is just a single room. They don't have running water and only a select few have electricity. But like I said, they are very humble and really accept the things we teach. The problem is that they live so far away from the chapel. It is literally like 3 bus rides just to get to church and no one has cars out there, so we are trying to figure out what we can do. I am talking to the president about opening up a branch out there with a prayer house. Pretty much it is just like any of the other houses, but we have the three hour services out there. If we ended up doing that, Elder Toone and I would be moving out there too. So that's something new and interesting. We have been super blessed this week. We started the week with 0 people on track for baptism and now we have 8. that is literally a miracle in the missionary world. So I feel super blessed. Elder Toone and I also got to do some fire fighting this week. We were knocking on the door of one of our investigators when the neighbors started yelling and screaming. We looked around the corner and their house was on fire. So Elder Toone and I dropped our bikes and bags and picked up buckets and started going to town on the fire. We spent 10 minutes going back and forth with buckets of water. Ends up the people that lived there weren't even home. It wasn't actually a part of their house it was a little room that they had behind it. Luckily nothing was lost except the room. The chickens that were in there escaped and everything was OK. So that was a fun experience.

We are going to celebrate the Holiday today and buy pizza tonight. It is a tradition we have here in the mission when you complete months we buy pizza. I and the other three elders complete months in the same week. Today i complete 11 months in the mission. Elder Toone is finishing up 4, Elder Rosales 22, and elder Talavera 6

Love you,
Elder Funke

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