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Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 - Mexico

Hello All!

The grand old saying is true, ''Time flies when you´re having fun.''

Things are going great here in Mexico. I really can´t say enough about how great it is and how much more enjoyable it is when you can understand what people are saying. It's incredible!

I am meeting some awesome people and some ´´interesting´´ people as well. Funny story for the week : Elder Carvajal and I were walking down the street one night and there was this guy sweeping out in front of his house. From far off, he was sweeping away nice and calm, but the closer we got he began to sweep more vigorously. As we approached him, he yelled out, ´´What says Dios!?" As we continued to walk, he came up to us and Elder Carvajal asked, "How can we help you?" Just then the man yelled, ´´SHUT UP! I want to talk to this ugly gringo (whitey)!´´ I almost busted up laughing right there. It's a good thing I didn't. He started clammering off about this and that. I have learned that when you don't want to talk to someone, it is really easy as a foreigner to just say, "Sorry, I dont understand you." So this is what I said. He continued to ramble on. I told him we had another place to be, and this aggitated him a bit. We began to walk off, and he yelled, ´´What says the bible?!'' I yelled back, "to repent!´´ He proceded to throw slices of bread at us that really didn't do anything. See what I mean when I say interesting people? But we´ve got to love them all, right?

This has been the best experiece of my life, and I am only 4 months in. There is no greater blessing that I or any other young person could have at this time of life greater than this. At times things seem difficult, things try to bring us down, we preocupy ourselves with other things. I know, I have a great testimony that we can make it through. ´´I know that the lord gives no commandment unto the children of men without preparing the way for them to accomplish the thing that he has commanded them.´´ Things are tough, but they are wonderful. Everyday is another opportunity to show our appreciation to Heavenly Father. We show this as we obey his commandments. And everytime we complete a commandment, we recieve a blessing. ´´There is a law decreed in heaven´´ that as we will follow the commandments of the Lord, we will recieve blessings. It is incredible how at times it is so clear. I have seen it with people here on my mission. For example, we have a member in our ward who has a brother that is not a member of the church. Both of them were diligently searching for work. One Sunday we invited the two of them to church, promising them that if they came, the Lord would bless them with work. They came and fullfilled the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy. The following day, the both of them found new jobs. The sister continued coming to church. She knew that Heavenly Father would continue to bless her. She had faith. Her brother saw the blessing of the Lord instantly but didn't believe that it was the Lord who had blessed him. It was so clear that He had blessed the both of them instantly. One had faith and is continuing to recieve blessings and is very happy. The other is not happy at all, and has not progressed one bit in his work.

I know that Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us. If we will but keep his commandments, he WILL bless us.

Love always,

Elder Funke

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