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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello hello,

Happy Mexican Revolution! (This Saturday)

Not much to update everyone on the week. It was a very good week filled with zone conference, fantastic investigators, and great talks on Sunday.

In the zone conference we talked a lot about keeping the Sabbath day Holy and how we can help our investigators to keep it Holy. But really we focused on what it means to sanctify the Sabbath and what we can do to sanctify it. To sanctify, more or less, means to make Holy. When we focus our efforts on Sundays on keeping the day Holy and sanctified, we need not worry if the things we are doing are good or bad. In the gospel principles manual, there are questions that we can ask ourselves. One of which is,``Is this helping me to come closer to Heavenly Father? I know that when we keep the Sabbath day Holy we receive many blessings and it is a great blessing to put our thoughts and actions to the Lord.

Love always,

Elder Funke

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