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Monday, October 11, 2010

October 4, 2010

¿Como Estaís?
All is well here in Mexico!
Conference was awesome yeah?
I enjoyed every bit of conference. This weekend was probably the most relaxing weekend I will ever have on my mission. All day saturday we were able to watch conference and sunday we watched at worked. Last night we taught an older lady that is catholic who had some very interesting questions. Why do we not worship Saints and why do we not have pictures and symbols of Jesus Hanging on the cross? Elder Carvajal and I were able to answer her questions quite easily with the help of the spirit. I feel as though I am super full with the spirit after conference. I hope I can make it last. This conference and the words that were said have set deeper in my heart than any other conference before. I think it may have been because I was actually listening with intent. I cant wait to read the talks over.
The food is still setting well with me and I am not sick, so that is good news. I actually really like the food and there are some things that I wonder why we dont have them in the states because they are soooo good.Im sick of frijoles (beans), haha. We eat them with every meal. They arent bad, im just tired of them.
Lately we have been running every morning through the parque fundidora. Look it up on google. It is a pretty awesome place and I am only 8 or so blocks from it. We start running in the dark and as we head back the sun lights up the sky with crazy colors from behind the mountain, It is quite a sight.
We finally have a list of investigators, but are ever searching for more. It seems as though the young people 30- are more accepting to our message. The only problem is finding the young people. I would say that 98% of our area is full of old people. So finding those who will accept the message is a bit difficult. But none the less, EVERYONE needs this gospel, young and old. Ours is the opportunity to give everyone the chance to act and accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We are inviting every single person we teach to be baptized, so that list is growing too. We are definitely staying busy.
For anyone who worries about me, or other missionaries in other parts of the world, STOP IT! We are with our heavenly father. And especially here in Mexico, everyone is nice to us. They know that we are here to share a message about God and Jesus Christ. The most dangerous of people, the fowlest of all the earth are humbled as we walk by and know that we are messangers of our Heavenly Father. The only way that something bad is going to happen is if I decide to jump off the roof or something (dont worry mom, my wild side is gone... well at least for now.)
I know that this is the work of the Lord and that this message we share is true. Everyone needs the opportunity to choose to accept it. Those who have the opportunity and do not accept, will be held accountable in the life to come and I pray that they have another chance and do accept the message some day.
Elder Funke

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