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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oct. 18, 2010

Hello all,

Im gonna be short this week, because 1) I was sick and not a lot happened and 2) we are in a cyber cafe and i REALLY have to use the bathroom and we have to go back to the house before I can.
This week wasn't much special. We found some really promising new investigators. Hoping to baptize them soon. Like I said we were all sick this week. We havent figured out what it is yet, but with the symptoms, all the sisters in the ward say its dangi, or in other words. West Nile. haha its not, no worries. I feel like everyone exagerates EVERYTHING here, especially sickness. This last week we went to El parque Fundidora on P day and to the center of the city. I have some pictures that I will try to send.

Lesson learned this week: support your leaders, dont murmur.

1 Nephi 3:6
Nephi knew his father was a prophet and did not murmur at the commandment given him. There are so many things in the first say 6 chapters of the Book of Mormon. I encourage all to start at the beginning and write down 1 thing that they can learn from every verse. It is very helpful and helps us realize how much doctrine is right there in the first few pages.

As always, I love you all and I know our Heavenly Father does too.


Elder Funke

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