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Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2 in Mexico

All is well!!
I am having a great time!

Oh what to start with?
I think there was a hurricane this week or something. Not really sure, but every night our area flooded,(not where we live). On saturday night we walked home with water up to our knees. The lightning is pretty awesome too. The rain really reminds me of home, but the humidity doesnt. I am already used to the temperature though. It is not bad. It really is not very hot right now, it has cooled off quite a bit in the first few weeks.
We had a baptism the other day, too bad it wasn´t because of us. It was the baptism of a little girl in our ward. We had 39 people at church on Sunday and none were our investigators. No one seems to want a second visit with us. It actually is kind of a problem that everyone here is soooo friendly because almost everyone will talk and listen to our message, but they really don't want it. SO we really could be finding people who are ready to listen. Oh well. This is the way of the farmer right. You have to plant seeds and let them grow before you can harvest. Elder Carvajal and I are just replanting the area now. One of these days we will be able to harvest and baptise. Hopefully soon. Our goal is 3 baptisms for the month of October. Please, please keep our area of Moderna in your prayers and that we can meet our goal.
We have Zone conference tomorrow with President Walker. Im actually pretty excited for that. We were all asked to prepare a 10 minute talk about the 4th Article of Faith. That will be fun, we will see if I get to talk.
I am also SUPER excited for General Conference this weekend! We get to go to all of the sessions. It is a little ways away, but none the less, I am really looking forward to it.
We are working right now on getting our ward to work together. They are not really close right now, so this is another one of mine and Elder Carvajal´s goals. ALso please keep our ward of Moderna in your prayers, that they will work together to move the work along.
I really enjoy all of the elders that I live with. All really funny. Especially Elder Navaro. El es bien chistoso. I am teaching him english right now. He has 3 months left in the mission. He asked me if he had a chance with any of the girls from back home. I told him he had to learn english first. So now he is all excited to learn english.
Well that is all for this week.
I hope all is well on the other side. (everyone here says´´oh... you are from the OTHER side.
Send me questions that you have so I have more to write about.

Elder Funke

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