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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MTC - Week 8

Ok, so I don't have hardly anytime at all this week, like 10 minutes left. So I will try to type fast. Nothing really special happened this week. My new district is..... good. Not bad for sure. There are 11 of us. And a sister. That was definitely a change. Less than 2 weeks until departure!! (If you want to send anything you may want to soon. I am suppose to leave two weeks from monday(yesterday). Still don't have my visa yet though. But, all of the sudden a TON of missionaries have been getting their visas to Mexico on time including a bunch who are going to my mission. So I am praying and doing all I can to be worthy to recieve that blessing. PLEASE pray for it. :) Things here are good. Most of my friends I have made have left(outside of my district.) We are now the oldest district in the zone. I forgot my journal in our bedrrom so I really can't remember all that happened this week that I wanted to share. The time for the last 7 weeks has just been a blurr. I have no idea which week was which. OHHH! I went to the dentist yesterday! That was pretty rad, because I got to go off the MTC campus. They drove E' Kiser and I to the office, dropped us off and picked us up a couple hours later, so we had a little time to wait and talk with people... REAL people. I know it sounds crazy, but there really isn't any other chance for us while we are here. Poor E' Kiser, everytime he tries to talk to someone they say Hi, then see he is a missionary, and they continue on walking disregarding that he is still talking to him. Haha, well no problems with the dentist. They took x-rays and said it was nothing. I love you all!!! Send me something this week if you haven't so I have your address and I will try to write you sometime in the field.
The church is true!

E' Funke

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