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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MTC - 9/7/10

Well this week was pretty awesome. We had the opportunity to see the outside world again!!! ahhhaa!!! We went to the Consolate (Salt Lake) on Thursday to take pictures and finger prints for our Visas. That is amazing news!!! They told us that we should be leaving on Monday or Tuesday (yesterday and today). Obviously, that didn't happen. So we still don't have our travel plans, and when we asked the travel office what was going on, they said that the Consolate still hasn't signed them yet!!! AHHHH!! Im going a little crazy here. Especially when they get our hopes up and then things don't turn out like they say. Well anyway, the trip to Salt Lake was actually extremely boring and exhausting. We didn't actually do anything.

So tomorrow we start our 11th week here. Since we are delayed we have had the opportunity to go to the temple 3 times a week. It has been really nice, so I guess that is one blessing of all of this madness.

On Saturday, BYU had their first football game of the season. Only being a block or two from the stadium, it is very easy to hear the game. Suprisingly, the game made me miss home more than I have yet here. Usually, I easily distract myself and forget that I am in Provo, but with the constant roar of the game, I was right back in Provo where I used to be. Kinda wierd. From the sound of the crowd and from all of the cars honking on the street afterward, I would have to guess BYU won. I heard they played Washington or something. All the new missionaries give us updates of whats going on.

I got an email from the Assistants to the President in Monterrey today. There were pictures from a couple zone conferences with the different zones and the mission president and his wife and the area president. I will try and include one, but we'll see. Elder Hinckley of the Seventy talked to us on Sunday; that was cool. He told some stories from his dad's life (President Hinckley).

Love you all. The gospel is true,

Elder Funke

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