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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mexico - 9/20/10


Isn´t it way cool that I can make the upside down exclamation point? It's right here on the key board!

Well, I have been here for a week now and I love it! I have been assigned to the area of Moderna here in the city. My area is the furthest area into the west in the entire mission. Elder Carvajal is my companion. He is from the state of Mexico. Way nice guy. We are the first missionaries in this area for quite sometime. So we got the chance to open up the area. President Walker told me that it would be a challenge, but what better time to have a challenge when I have the fire of a greenie, right?

We live in the colony of Modero with two other elders. It's not in our area so we have to walk a little ways to get to our area. Since the ward hasn´t had missionaries for some time, they are all super happy to have us and super excited. Our ward only has like 30 or 40 active members. And that is only about 15% of our ward in a whole. There are a lot of inactive members so we are working to get more members to church.

My first sunday here, not even 6 days into it, I had to speak in Sacrament. That was interesting. I spoke for 10 minutes or so about patience, pleading for the members to have patience with me and the language. The language by the way is fantastic! It's coming along great. The first 2 or 3 days I was very shy and timid because at times I don't understand all of what the people say, but now things are going great. I understand almost all and don't have a hard time speaking with the people. I am very glad that the language has come easy for me thus far. That would have been a huge challenge without the help of the Lord.

The other two Elders we live with are Elder Thomas and Elder Navaro. Elder Thomas is a skinny, little, white guy from Utah and Elder Navaro is from Pueblo Mexico. He is super funny! I can´t even look at him without laughing.

The food is sitting well with me, besides the fact that they practically force me to eat as much as I possibly can. I haven´t been sick yet and actually I love, LOVED every bit of food I have eaten thus far. The other day we ate with a sister (by the way we eat lunch with the members here, not dinner). She made me eat so much I was literally holding back from puking, there was so much in my stomach. I hope I don't come back fat. (Don't worry, I won't let that happen.) We even ate off of a street food stand the other night. (I didn't know at the time. The other missionaries bought it.) We are told to never eat off a street stand because we will get sick. But all was fine with me and it tasted sooooooo good. (Elder Thomas won't eat off the street stands.)

We have an investigator who has been working with the missionaries for quite sometime before the area was closed. He has really changed his life around. His name is Tito. He used to do every kind of drug you could think of and now he doesn't do any. He smokes 4 cigarettes a day and that is what we are working on right now.

I have a feeling it is going to be somewhat of a slow start here since there haven't been missionaries for a while, but we are working as best we can.

Well, that is all for now. If anyone has any questions they can email me and I will include it in the weekly email update. My email is:

I love you all and please please please pray for the work here in Moderna and for our investigators specifically.

Elder Funke

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  1. Aaron - I am so proud of you and your attitude. You will go far in life for sure. I know you will do well in the mission field. There are so many people there ready to hear about the gospel. My grandson Nathan is in the Finnish mission and struggles with the language there also. I think most of the time that is one of the challenges, but just think how proficient you will be by the time you are finished. I know you can't return comments to people who are not family but just remember that there are a lot of members of your ward back home that are praying for your success. Sister Awbrey