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Saturday, August 28, 2010

MTC - 8-24-10

Welp, Hi there everyone!

So funny story - I wrote this really long email and then deleted it. Que chido! Haha, not really. It was actually really annoying.

Well, anyway.... So if I have learned anything this week, it is definitely about the Lord's time table. Still, in no way do I understand it, not even in the slightest bit. But, nevertheless, I definitely know it is real and that in no way does it match up with my time table.

This past week has gone by incredibly fast and has been crazy busy. First off, Elder Kiser and I got a new companion, Hermana Cummings. At times she can be too much for me to handle. She is 24 years old and a 4th grade teacher. I say she is too much to handle, but aren't all companions at times? Elder Kiser has his times, but I still love the guy like my brother. Hermana Cummings brings her own cards to the table. It is just a change I wasn't expecting is all.

I was able to host the new missionaries last week, and I get to tomorrow as well. It is a nice change from the normal routine. Speaking of change... It is crazy that school is starting up at BYU again. I cannot believe it has been a year since I first showed up there. It's crazy how fast time flies when Heavenly Father blesses our lives. I know the next 2 years (22 months) are going to fly by for that reason.

Pretty much the best news of all is that I received my "Permiso" from the Mexican government to enter Mexico. Now I just have to wait for the consulate in Salt Lake to sign my Visa. It could be 2 days or 2 months. Only One knows. Also exciting news, I received travel plans on Friday. We are "suppose" to leave Monday (Aug 30)at 3:00 a.m. AGHH! Way early! Our flight leaves Salt Lake at 6:00 a.m. and then we have a 4 hour layover in Dallas, and then fly straight to Monterrey. Well anyway, none of that matters because I don't have my Visa - yet.

I received an email from my Mission President today. Nothing exciting - it was sent to the whole mission. But yeah, that was nice. He sounds like an awesome guy. I can't wait to meet President Walker.

We had our weekly fireside tonight, and Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles spoke. It was super powerful. Check out the following link to hear for yourself:

The Spirit testified to me so strongly that the Atonement is real. I felt it stronger than ever before that Jesus not only suffered for our sins but for our pains and weaknesses. He knows EXACTLY what we are going through. If I had one regret in life, it would be that I didn't make the effort to share the Gospel with my friends like I should have. I have had all of these blessings and have never invited my friends to partake of them. But for any of you who are reading this, you can have the same happiness and all of the blessings. Write to me, go to, talk to my family, anything. PLEASE let us share the message of the Gospel of Happiness with you. If nothing else, give it a chance. Taste of the salt. I love you all!

Elder Aaron Funke
Ordained Disciple of Jesus Christ

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MTC 7 Weeks Down 2 to go.

Ok so I dont have hardly anytime at all this week, like 10 minutes left. SO i will try to type fast. Nothing really special happened this week. My new district is..... good. Not bad for sure. There are 11 of us. And a sister. That was definitely a change. Less than 2 weeks till departure!! (If you want to send anything you may want to soon. I am suppose to leave two weeks from monday(yesterday). Still dont have my visa yet though. But, all of the sudden a TON of missionaries have been getting their visas to mexico on time including a bunch who are going to my mission. So I am praying and doing all I can to be worthy to recieve that blessing. PLEASE pray for it. :) Things here are good. Most of my friends I have made have left(outside of my district.) We are now the oldest district in the zone. I forgot my journal in our bedroom so I really can't remember all that happened this week that I wanted to share. The time for the last 7 weeks has just been a blurr. I have no idea which week was which. OHHH! I went to the dentist yesterday! That was pretty rad, because I got to go off the MTC campus. They drove E' Kiser and I to the office, dropped us off and picked us up a couple hours later, so we had a little time to wait and talk with people... REAL people. I know it sounds crazy, but there really isnt any other chance for us while we are here. Poor elder Kiser, everytime he tries to talk to someone they say Hi, then see he is a missionary, and they continue on walking disregarding that he is still talking to him. Haha, well no problems with the dentist. They took x rays and said it was nothing. I love you all!!! Send me something this week if you haven't so I have your address and I will try to write you sometime in the field.
The church is true,

Elder Funke

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 7 - MTC - August 10, 2010

Welp, Week 6 is done. Probably the toughest week so far. We had a lot of changes. Our district was combined with another district because there are a lot of new missionaries coming in. I really dislike that. We lost our teachers because of the change. They were all awesome. At least I've got E' Kiser still. We pretty much have the BOMBDEST (probably not a word, but I don't even speak English anymore, so who cares) comp. EVER! I had an extremely spiritual day on Sunday. I was having a rough day (yes they do happen from time to time). A member of my branch presidency sat me down in an interview. We had an amazing discussion. His name is Bro. Gubler. He may be the smartest person I have ever met, at least in terms to the gospel, and with that knowledge he brings a great spirit.

Lately, E' Kiser and I have been trying to work towards helping people try things and exercise faith that they will be blessed for it. I can't remember where it comes from, but most of you have most likely heard the analogy of "salt." Say we were to go up to someone who never in their life had tasted salt. We ask them, "Will you describe salt in your own words?" Most likely they would sit there for a few minutes dumbfounded and finally surrender that they had no idea. This gospel is the same way. How can one explain or understand the blessings that come through it without ever having tried it? When we practice faith and "try out" this gospel, we recieve a witness of its truthfulness and the blessings that come through it. I KNOW this gospel is true and that the Book of Mormon is true. I can feel it everyday and I feel the blessings that come through it pour out upon me more and more as I practice my faith in doing the things I have been asked.

I love you all,
E' Funke

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 6 - MTC - Aug 3, 2010

I'm not sure about all of you out there in the real world, but here in the MTC time is non-existent. It has definitely been 5 weeks, but the fastest 5 weeks of my life!!! It is crazy insane! I almost wish it would slow down, just because I don't feel I have enough time to cram the Spanish language into my brain. The language is coming along fantastically anyway.

This last week, E. Kiser and I taught one of our "investigators", Juan. No idea how it happened, but I was speaking Spanish -- like real Spanish. I said everything I intended to and then some. It was amazing! I am definitely being blessed with the gift of tongues. After the lesson, Juan told us how he felt about it. He shared an incredible struggle he is going through. He is working on using the atonement (Christ's suffering in the garden and on the cross for our sins and hurt) to not only receive remission for his own sins, but to forgive those who may have done things against him. He is Chilean. He told us that we shared the message of the Atonement in clarity, and he felt the Spirit stronger than in any lesson he has even had here in the MTC. It was an amazing experience. Elder Kiser and I were speachless after it. Juan, being Chilean, is supposedly suppose to be one of the hardest people to understand here, but I have an easier time understanding him than I do the others. (Except some of the missionaries from Panama. I cant understand them hardly at all.)

Oh, and we were calling Spanish speakers in the Referral Center the other day. I ended up calling a lady in Puerto Rico. Santa BACA!!! I couldn't understand hardly anything. After she went on some 5 minute conversation with herself, I asked her if she would like to receive a message about Jesus Christ from missionaries. She gladly accepted and told us to come on Tuesday. It was quite hillarious. Afterwards, our teacher listened to the call, and he said he had no idea what she was rambling on about.

As far as the MTC goes, it has its ups and its downs. The food is not all that great, and the beds are not all that comfortable, but the spirit and friendship here are so strong that it makes up for any negative we might find here.

Soccer started getting out of hand here with like 20 people on each team, so a few elders and I have started playing a true gentleman's sport.... Horse Shoes. I am horrible at it, but it is still fun none the less. Well, that is about all for this week, I can't think of much else to say.

I love you all!

Elder Aaron Funke