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Saturday, July 24, 2010

MTC - Week 4 - July 20, 2010

Hey all!!!

This last week went by SO fast for me. I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday. So it doesn't really feel like anything happened. I did bust something in my foot playing soccer. I got kicked right in the side of the foot. But it is starting to feel better already, so no worries there. We have a BUNCH of natives in my zone now. They are fun to talk with. I think that using what I know in spanish helps a lot. They are all also amazing at futbol. So my soccer skills are imporoving like crazy. Last night I talked with a teacher who just got home from his mission in Ecuador. Same mission as Billy Cook. He didn't seem to know Billy though. He said if he saw a picture he might recognize him.

Elder Roundy leaves mine and E. Kiser's companionship tomorrow. 3 people in our district are leaving for the Peru MTC so we will be even again and won't need to have a group of 3. I'm kinda bummed. He was really good at Spanish and really knew his scriptures. It helped alot when we were teaching in Spanish. He will be a good missionary, but going to LA is going to be a HUGE wake up call for him. He is going to get a glimpse at the crazy world. Speaking of crazy.... We were doing door to door contacts yesterday here in the MTC and our teacher was trying to shut the door on us. Elder Kiser tried to shove his way in. I don't know if he understands that if we really do that, we will probably get shot! I hope he figures it out soon.

We had the chance to teach a hermano named Angel Silvia that is from San Antonio, Chile. He has lived a very interesting life. You walk in and the first thing you notice are all of the tattoos on his arms. San Antonio is a port city. There is a lot of gang activity there, and he got caught up in all of it very early on in life. He shared a little with us about it. There was also a talk written about him that is SUPER good. I am getting a copy from one of my teachers. Angel was baptised when he was 17. He later went on to serve a mission and recently moved up here. Pretty awesome guy and his conversion story is really just incredible. He is an example that you cannot read a book by its cover and that we must open our mouths and share this gospel with everyone. At least give them the opportunity to accept it. Angel was able to allow it into his life and because of it, he is still alive.

There are some nasty rumors going around that we aren't going to make it to Mexico. Im pretty sure that they are just rumors. Something about how the church is getting ready to no longer allow the white Elders to go there. It's just a bunch of Elders spreading rumors though. But please pray for our Visa's and our timely departure to Mexico.

Well thats about all I've got for this week. I love you and I pray for all of you about 40,000 times a day.

Elder Aaron Funke

P.S. There is an Elder here who looks EXACTLY like Draco Malfoy! Im going to try and get a picture with him.

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